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    A varaity of offerings spanning from authentic Green Tea variations to convenient Tea Bags, Instant marvels, and powdered elixirs. Embark on a flavorful journey with Instant Stick-Type Teas, thoughtfully sourced from renowned names like Ito En, Nittoh, Ochanomaruyuki, Nestle, Nescafe, Meito, Lipton, KEY, Kataoka, Kaldi, Harada, Wakodo, and other cherished brands. A vivid palette of gems from AGF, Kataoka Mon Cafe, Key, UCC, Nestle, Nescafe, and Ogawa Coffee. Satisfy your cravings with an assortment of Japanese Chocolates and Snacks. For those seeking creaminess and sweetness, explore our exquisite range of Japanese Creams and Sugars. Immerse yourself in tradition and elevate your palate with our thoughtfully curated Japanese Green Tea Shop selection.
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    Mitsui Sugar Co. Ltd

    Mitsui Rosati Coffee Sugar

    3 reviews $5.98

    Mitsui Rosati Sugar Coffee from the "Rosati the Coffee Aroma of Live ® " series and is the first coffee sugar developed in Japan. Mitsui's Pure Sugar is slowly crystallized into a light caramel amber color....

    Mitsui Stick Sugar


    Mitsui Stick Sugar is a High Quality granulated sugar that comes in a convenient easy to use individually wrapped sugar "stick". Granulated sugar convenient for coffee and tea and for cooking and...

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