Japan Post Tracking Status Guide

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Understanding Japan Post Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide is designed to demystify Japan Post's tracking system, decoding the various delivery statuses to offer a clearer understanding of each stage.

  1. Posting/Collection: This status indicates that we have delivered your parcel to the Japan Post customer service counter for processing and shipment. 

  2. Arrival at Outward Office of Exchange: Upon reaching the corresponding airport in Japan, your package awaits its next flight. For "surface" parcels, it means your parcel has been manifested and placed in a shipping container.

  3. Dispatch from Outward Office of Exchange:

     AIRMAIL/EMS: Your package is now airborne and en route to your country. Expect the next tracking update upon its arrival in your destination country. (It's important to note that some countries lack direct flights from Japan, causing your package to transit through multiple countries or states before reaching its final destination). During this stage, the tracking might not update for several days to several weeks, which depends on days of the week or holidays, flight schedules, customs processing, etc.

    SURFACE: parcels it means your parcel has been loaded on a ship destined for your country. There will be no updates for 2-3 months until the shipping container is offloaded, passes through customs and is turned over to postal authorities for delivery.  The tracking is usually updated about 5 or 7 days before final delivery.

  1. Arrival at Inward Office of Exchange: Your package has reached your country and has been received and registered by the inward office. Depending on your local postal service's speed, the status update might experience a delay. At this stage, all inquiries about your package should be directed to your local post office.

  2. Item Presented to Import Customs: Customs processes vary by country, and we lack detailed information about each. If your package enters customs, they might attempt to contact you via the provided phone number. If customs decided to open and inspect your parcel, delivery could be delayed for several more days. 

  3. Item Returned from Import Customs: Your package has cleared customs successfully and is en route to your nearest post office. In the event your shipping status indicates "retention", promptly contact your local post office.

  4. "Departure from the Inward Office of Exchange" or "Departure from the Internal Delivery Office": This status signifies that your package is on its way to the nearest post office. Sometimes, sorting for shipment may cause a slight delay.

  5. "Processing at Delivery Post Office" or "Processing at the Shipping Post Office": Your local post office is preparing to deliver your package. The duration of this process varies based on your country's postal service speed.

  6. Final Delivery: Your package has arrived at the address you provided.

Please note that once your package departs from Japan, we cannot intervene in its delivery. We strongly advise patience as your package makes its way to your country and is processed. Once the parcel is processed in your country, the package will undergo registration, triggering an automatic update in tracking.

Important Notes:  If the tracking indicates delivery but you haven't received the package, follow these steps:

  • Check for any pick-up notices left by the post office and visit the specified address to retrieve your package.
  • Inquire with family members or housemates regarding package collection while you were away.
  • Thoroughly check areas like the mailbox, front/back doors, or consult building security/concierge for package collection. If unsuccessful, contact your local post office for assistance to obtain a copy of the signed receipt.
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