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    A varaity of offerings spanning from authentic Green Tea variations to convenient Tea Bags, Instant marvels, and powdered elixirs. Embark on a flavorful journey with Instant Stick-Type Teas, thoughtfully sourced from renowned names like Ito En, Nittoh, Ochanomaruyuki, Nestle, Nescafe, Meito, Lipton, KEY, Kataoka, Kaldi, Harada, Wakodo, and other cherished brands. A vivid palette of gems from AGF, Kataoka Mon Cafe, Key, UCC, Nestle, Nescafe, and Ogawa Coffee. Satisfy your cravings with an assortment of Japanese Chocolates and Snacks. For those seeking creaminess and sweetness, explore our exquisite range of Japanese Creams and Sugars. Immerse yourself in tradition and elevate your palate with our thoughtfully curated Japanese Green Tea Shop selection.
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    Key Coffee KEY DOORS Caffeine-free Deep Rich Blend Drip On Coffee

    1 review $5.67

    Key Coffee Drip On Caffeine-less Rich Blend Ground Coffee 5 pack is a box containing five meticulously crafted single-serving drip coffee packages. Each package is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness and convenience for a...

    Kunitaro Delicious Caffeine-less Deep Steamed Instant Tea


    Kunitaro Delicious Caffeine-less Deep Steamed Instant Tea. This is an instant decaffeinated green tea with a Strong and Smooth taste that uses 100% Domestic (Shizuoka, Japan) tea with Matcha added. Using deep-steamed (fukamushicha) tea...

    Lipton Sakura Tea Japan Limited Blend (Seasonal)

    2 reviews $5.40

    Lipton Sakura Tea Japan Limited Blend is a spring-only authentic black tea bag, that you can enjoy the Refreshing Taste of Cherry Blossoms that have a Gentle Aroma like the cherry...

    Nescafe Gold Blend Black Caffeineless Instant Coffee 14 Sticks


    Nescafe Gold Blend Black Caffeine-less Instant Coffee Sticks is a box of 14 individually wrapped single serving decaffeinated instant coffee sticks. Indulge in the rich, deep flavor of Nescafe's signature coffee without the jolt...

    Nescafe Gold Blend Cafe Latte Caffeine-less Instant Coffee 7 Sticks

    1 review $3.21$2.98

    Nescafe Gold Blend Cafe Latte Caffeine-less Instant Coffee Sticks are all-in-one individually wrapped decaffeinated instant coffee sticks.  Just add one "sachet" to one cup of water for a delicious cup of Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee...

    Nittoh Black Tea Fruity Aroma Sangria


    Nitto Black Tea Fruity Aroma Sangria is an Instant individually packaged stick type Tea using powdered Grape, Orange and Lemon. Orange and lemon are added to the Rich Taste of...

    Nittoh Blissful Black Tea (Sakura) Cherry


    Nitto Blissful Black Tea (Sakura) Cherry is a package of 8 individually wrapped single serving “stick” type instant cherry (Sakura) tea containers. (Seasonal: Spring and Summer). Introducing Nitto's Blissful Black Tea...

    Nittoh Blissful Melting White Peach & Golden Peach

    2 reviews $4.29

    Nitto's Blissful Melting White Peach & Golden Peach is a divine symphony of flavors elegantly captured in a package of 8 meticulously crafted, individually packaged "stick" type instant Peach Tea...

    Nittoh Blissful Shine Muscat Tea


    Nitto Blissful Shine Muscat Tea is a package of 8 individually wrapped “stick” type Shine muscat (Green Grape) instant tea containers. Indulge in the exquisite essence of muscat, encapsulated in each individually packaged "stick" for...

    Nittoh Caffeine-free Black Tea Aroma House Variety Pack


      Nittoh Caffeine-free Black Tea Aroma House Variety Pack is a box that contains 10 tea bags with 3 Varieties of Herb Tea. Explore the unparalleled delights within Nittoh's Caffeine-Free Black Tea...

    Nittoh Ginger & Yuzu Tea


    Nittoh Ginger & Yuzu is a package of 8 individually wrapped stick type instant Ginger tea with added Yuzu containers. It is an instant tea that is easily dissolved in...

    Nittoh Rose Hip Tea


    Indulge in the exquisite experience of Nitto Rose Hip Tea, a thoughtfully curated package featuring 8 meticulously crafted, individually wrapped stick-type instant Rose Hip Tea containers. Immerse yourself in the...

    Nittoh Royal Milk Tea Decaf


    Nitto Royal Milk Tea Decaf  is a package of 8 individually wrapped single serving instant royal milk decaf tea containers using 100% powdered Milk from Hokkaido prefecture and produced in...

    OSK Hokkaido Beppin Black Bean Tea Bags (22 Bags)


    OSK Hokkaido Beppin Black Bean Tea Bags is a delightful blend crafted exclusively from the finest 100% Hokkaido black soybeans. Experience the essence of pure indulgence as each tea bag encapsulates...

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    Rokujo Barley (Mugicha) Teabags (56 Pieces)


    Rokujo Barley (Mugicha) Teabags are a high-quality Roasted barley tea made from 100% domestic (Japan) barley.   Made with Hakubaku's "Low Temperature Aroma Roasting" method so you can enjoy a Mellow Aroma and...

    Starbucks Origami Personal Drip Coffee Decaf House Blend


    Starbucks Origami Personal Drip Coffee Decaf House Blend is a "drip-type" coffee where you can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee without using any special equipment. Decaf house blend is a Toffee-like Aroma and...

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