Japanese Green Tea Ceremony

Japanese Green Tea Shops

Mrs. Kazuko Sakamaki

Mrs. Kazuko Sakamaki (Souwa Sakamaki literally "Teacher Sakamaki") invited us to attend a Japanese Green Tea Ceremony which was held at a beautiful home in Abiko, Japan. Mrs. Sakamaki has been studying and teaching the Tea Ceremony for over 25 years.


The Japanese Green Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony 01

(Eri Komura) The "Natsume" (container for Matcha) is carried into the room and placed on the "tatami mat".

Tea Ceremony 02

Next the Ceremonial Tea Cup, Wisk (for preparing the Matcha) and the spoon "Chashaku", (used to place the Matcha Powder into the Tea Cup) are placed to begin the Tea Brewing.

Tea Ceremony 03

As the Tea Ceremony begins, guests are served typical Japanese sweets.

Teaceremony 04

The "Natsume" is elegantly wiped clean with a red cloth.

Tea Ceremony 05

As the "Chashaku" spoon is wiped clean. Another member (Kaori Imamichi) arrives at the doorway.

Tea Ceremony 06

Ms Komura draws hot water from the "Kama".

Tea Ceremony 07

and pours it into the first Teacup.

Tea Ceremony 08

The water is gently swirled to warm the Teacup, then discarded.

Tea Ceremony 09

The Teacup is wiped dry.

Tea Ceremony 10

The Matcha is spooned into the Teacup with the "Chashaku".

Tea Ceremony 11

The "Chashaku" is replaced into its position on the "Natsume".

Tea Ceremony 12

Hot water is ladled into the Teacup.

Tea Ceremony 13

And the "Hishaku" (ladle) is placed back into its proper position.

Tea Ceremony 14

The Matcha is then gently whisked.

Tea Ceremony 15

The Tea is ready to serve. Ms Komura places the Teacup on the tatami mat at her side.

Tea Ceremony 16

Ms Imamichi picks up the Teacup.

Tea Ceremony 17

and places it directly in front of the first guest. The guest will pick up the Teacup, spin two times until the face of the Teacup is outward, and sip the Tea.

Tea Ceremony 18

Akiko Misawa joins the ceremony and serves the next guest,

Tea Ceremony 19

placing the Teacup directly in front of them.

Tea Ceremony 20

Ms Imamichi prepares to enter the room to serve the next guest. This process continues until each guest has been served.

Tea Ceremony 21

After each member has been served, Ms Komura adds water to the "Kama" (Pot for hot water) for the next Tea Ceremony which will take place.

Tea Ceremony 22

The lid is placed back onto the "Kama",

Tea Ceremony 23

the "Hishaku" placed on the table,

Tea Ceremony 24

until everything is ready for the next ceremony.

Tea Ceremony 25

Finally, the "Natsume" is wiped clean and placed on the tatami mat.

Tea Ceremony 26

The Tea Ceremony concludes.

We hope you have enjoyed the Japanese Green Tea Ceremony.

Please feel free to take a stroll in the Japanese Garden.


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