Japanese Garden

Japanese Green Tea Shops

The Japanese Garden Entrance

The Japanese Garden Entrance

Tea Ceremony Umbrella

The Japanese Tea Ceremony Umbrella visible also from the "Tea Ceremony Room".

Kakutaikou"Japanese Lantern

A "Kakutaikou"Japanese Lantern near the Entrance of the Japanese Garden. "Kautaikou" is a kind of nickname for Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a Shogun made famous for his creation of a "Chashitsuan" (Tea Room) in the Nagoya Castle in Saga, Japan.

Jusanjuu Soutou

A "Jusanjuu Soutou" or "Thirteen Layered Tower" set amoung the trees and shrubbery.


A "Tea House" called a "Chashitsuan" is a place to stop and relax and enjoy a cup of tea while taking a stroll.

Tea House

Some guests enter the "Chashitsuan".

stone table

Fresh air and plenty of open space. A stone table and seats provide a shady place to cool off and take a rest.

Japanese Lanterns

Many Japanese Lanterns line the walkways.

Kasugagata" Japanese Lantern

A "Kasugagata" Japanese Lantern.

trees and plants along the path

 A wide variety of trees and plants along the path.


This is a "Shizengata" meaning "Natural Style" Japanese lantern in which a candle would be placed.


This is a type of Japanese Lantern called a "Hachiakari". "Hachi" means "Bowl", and "Akari" meaning "light". The bowl image is probably from the old fashioned style bowl that was used when boiling rice.


A similar lantern shaded by a tree.

Japanese Style Gardens

Large stones are often placed in the Japanese Style Gardens after careful consideration of color, texture and size. Properly arranged stones can project a desired atmosphere such as that of a wind swept plain, a high mountain cliff or rapidly flowing river.

decorative stones

More decorative stones ornamented with plants.

view of the "Jusanjuu Soutou

A full view of the "Jusanjuu Soutou".

large stone placed in the garden

Yet another large stone placed in the garden.

Shizengata" Japanese Lantern surrounded by neatly groomed trees

A beautiful "Shizengata" Japanese Lantern surrounded by neatly groomed trees and bushes where the path returns to the garden entrance.

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