Cherry Blossom Festival

Japanese Green Tea Shops

This is the entrance to Kobayashi Pasture in Inzai, Japan. Every year at the end of March or beginning of April when the cherry trees blossom, many booths are setup here. People come from all around to walk under the cherry trees and enjoy the festive spring atmosphere.

Cherry Blossom 001

Let's take a stroll down the street and have a look at the many booths. Here's one selling "Banana Choco".

Banana Booth

Here you can get Chocolate Covered Bananas in many different colors. The Chocolate Covered Bananas sell for 300 yen each. The Japanese children seemed to be especially fond of them.

Banana Booth 2

The venders create works of art with the colored sugar candy bits. They are so beautiful!

Banana Booth 3

I'll take this pink, orange and yellow one!

A few booths down we come across a vender making "Negiyaki".

Negiyaki Booth 1

"Grilled Onion" (Osaka Style) is an omlete like round patty made with Egg, Japanese Long Onion, Shrimp and Ginger. On the left are the ingredients, small shrimp, shredded red colored ginger and tempura bread crumbs. To the right you can see the bottles of sauce that is brushed on the "Negiyaki" before serving. Later in the afternoon this booth was one of the busiest with a long line of people waiting to be served. The Negiyaki sell for 300 yen.

Negiyaki Booth 2

The vender prepares 40 Negiyaki at a time.

Negiyaki 3

The "Negiyaki" are flipped over with a screwdriver like tool.

Negiyaki Booth 4

Topped with a semi-sweet brown sauce, "Kezuribushi" (shaved dried Bonito fish) and served with mayonnaise on the side.

Not surprising to find a "Candy Apple" booth here.

Candy Apple Booth 1

Candy Apples are displayed for customers. They come in two sizes, small (200 yen) and large (300 yen). I was told that "Caramel Apples" were not well known and were seldom even seen in Japan.

Candy Apple Booth 2

Candy Apples seem to be a favorite treat for all ages.

Candy Apple 3

A woman watches while the vender dips an apple in the sweet red sauce.

The "Ring Toss" is always a challenging game.

Ring Toss Booth 1

A young man ponders over the many prizes.

Ring Toss Booth 2

The vender allows the customer to lean as far as he can. 


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