Japanese "Stick" Instant Coffee

    Experience the finest selection of meticulously curated instant delights, enhancing your beverage journey. Uncover the allure of AGF's Blendy, Latory, and Maxim series, alongside UCC's "Oishii" caffeine-less range, each boasting unique, satisfying flavors. Delight in the ease of Key, Kataoka Bussan, Meito Sangyo's "Stick mate," Nescafe's "Gold Blend" and "Excella Fuwa," Nestle's "Fragrant," Nittoh, and Maxim coffee "sticks," perfectly crafted for a single serving. Discover the simplicity of preparation and richness of taste while savoring these beloved Japanese Coffee "sticks." Whether craving cocoa-infused comfort, matcha's vibrant notes, caramel's indulgent sweetness, or the classic charm of coffee and tea au lait and latte, our selection guarantees satisfaction.
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