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    Embark on a delightful journey through our Japanese Chocolate and Snacks Collection. Experience cherished flavors from Meiji, Morinaga, Lotte, Nestle, Fujiya, Bourbon, Glico, and more renowned brands. Indulge in world-famous chocolate delights like Glico's "Pocky" Sticks, Lotte's "Toppo," and Meiji's "Macadamia" series. Kindly note that our delectable chocolate products are seasonal, available exclusively from October to April (based on Japan's weather conditions). Don't miss these limited-time treats that infuse joy and sweetness into every bite.
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    Meiji Japan

    Meiji Almond Matcha (Seasonal)

    3 reviews $3.71$3.25

    Meiji Almond Matcha is an exquisite treat that marries the finest elements of nature's bounty with the artistry of chocolate-making—Meiji Almond Chocolate Matcha. Crafted to perfection, this luxurious delight encapsulates the...

    Meiji Kinoko No Yama Chocolate

    2 reviews $2.83

    Kinoko No Yama Chocolate. Kinoko-no-yama (Mushroom Mountain).  A popular Japanese mushroom shaped snack.  A crispy cracker with a chocolate top, two delicious flavors.  Rich Chocolate and Mellow Chocolate blend together with...

    Meiji Kinoko No Yama Uji Matcha Chocolate (Seasonal)


    Kinoko No Yama Uji Matcha Chocolate. Kinoko-no-yama (Mushroom Mountain) is a bag containing 8 individually wrapped packages of mushroom shaped Uji matcha cookies. Kinoko No Yama Uji Matcha Chocolate – an...

    Meiji Macadamia Rich Matcha (Seasonal)

    2 reviews $4.22$3.59

    Macadamia Rich Matcha are Macadamia Nuts wrapped in Matcha Chocolate. A perfect balance of Chocolate's Aroma with the Bitterness of Matcha. A Creamy Milky feeling without losing the delicate flavor of...

    Meiji Matcha Chocolate 26 Pieces

    9 reviews $5.03

    Matcha Chocolate. The first Matcha flavor "Matcha Chocolate BOX" from the popular box-type chocolate series with 26 individually wrapped bite sized pieces.  Newly released on September 10 nationwide (in Japan).  The...

    Meiji Melty Kiss First Picked Dark Matcha (Seasonal)

    2 reviews $4.34

    Meiji Melty Kiss First Picked Dark Matcha is a popular Japanese chocolate.  In this limited addition, you can enjoy the Creamy Rich taste of Milk and Cacao (Ecuadorian Cocoa) with...

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    Meiji Takenoko No Sato Chocolate

    2 reviews $2.83

    Takenoko No Sato Chocolate. Takenoko-no-Sato (Bamboo Shoot Village).  A popular Japanese Bamboo Shoot shaped snack.  A Crispy Cracker with a Chocolate Top.  Rich Milk Chocolate with a Crunchy Cracker for a Delicious Treat!   Nutrition: ...

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