Japanese Fruit Tea


    Indulge in our exquisite assortment of Japanese Fruit Tea, a celebration of refreshing and lively fruit infusions expertly designed to enchant your palate. Experience a captivating range of flavors that awaken your taste buds, meticulously curated to deliver an unforgettable taste journey. Uncover esteemed brands like Blendy, Meito Stick Mate, and Cafe Latory, known for their masterful fusion of fruit and tea. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of fruit-infused milk teas, where the velvety milk intertwines harmoniously with vibrant fruit notes, culminating in a symphony of tastes that linger in your memory. Embrace the pinnacle of Japanese beverage artistry as you relish these beloved fruit and milk teas from Japan. Each sip embodies the essence of careful blending and the unwavering commitment to quality that epitomizes Japanese tea culture.

    Nittoh Daily Club 6 Variety 10 Pack

    7 reviews $3.55

    Nittoh Daily Club 6 Variety Pack contains 10 tea bags with 6 Varieties of Fruit Tea. Delicious fruit teas that you can enjoy anytime hot or cold! Made with more than 50% Black...

    Nittoh Ginger & Yuzu Tea


    Nittoh Ginger & Yuzu is a package of 8 individually wrapped stick type instant Ginger tea with added Yuzu containers. It is an instant tea that is easily dissolved in...

    Nittoh Nigiwai Tohoku La France Tea (Seasonal)


    Nittoh Nigiwai Tohoku La France Tea is an Instant individually packaged stick type Tea using powdered pear juice from Yamagata prefecture in the Tohoku Region. Enjoy the perfect harmony of the Sweetness...

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    Nittoh Rose Hip Tea


    Indulge in the exquisite experience of Nitto Rose Hip Tea, a thoughtfully curated package featuring 8 meticulously crafted, individually wrapped stick-type instant Rose Hip Tea containers. Immerse yourself in the...

    OSK Hokkaido Beppin Black Bean Tea Bags (22 Bags)


    OSK Hokkaido Beppin Black Bean Tea Bags is a delightful blend crafted exclusively from the finest 100% Hokkaido black soybeans. Experience the essence of pure indulgence as each tea bag encapsulates...

    Tea Boutique Instant Sakura Latte (Seasonal)

    18 reviews $5.61

    Tea Boutique Instant Sakura (Cherry) Latte. "The Refreshing Tender Aroma will always carry you on a Brilliantly Blooming Sakura". A Quality product made in Japan. The Mellow flavor of Cherry Blossoms...

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    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Cherry Blossom Tea


    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea "Sakura"  Cherry Blossom Tea (from Tea Boutique's Sweet Sakura Tea Series). "Sakura" is a flower with eternal beauty and nobility in the heart of the Japanese. "Sakura," which...

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    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea (Black tea with Cherry Blossom and Leaf)

    2 reviews $6.12

      Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea is from Tea Boutique's Sweet Sakura Tea Series. A flavored tea with a luxurious scent of cherry blossoms, which is a blend of Japanese black tea with cherry...

    Tea Boutique Yuzu Green Tea (Green Tea with YUZU Citron)


    Tea Boutique Yuzu Green Tea (Green Tea with YUZU Citron) from the Yuzu-scented tea series.  A new blended tea with a Japanese taste, Yuzu Green Tea. Domestic (Japan) Yuzu peels...

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    Ujien Sakura Tea (Seasonal)


    Ujien Sakura Tea is an elegant and delicious tea with a single cherry blossom floating as is.  You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste and the color of cherry...

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