Our Japanese Teas

    Japanese Green Teas from Shizuoka and Kagoshima Prefectures. The absolute freshest Sencha (Nakamushi and Fukamushi), Genmaicha, Matcha, Mecha, Kukicha, Konacha, Houjicha and many more High Quality Japanese green teas. Shipped directly to you from our shop here in Japan.  We also have a selection of popular Japanese Green Teas sold at local Japanese supermarkets.

    Rokujo Barley (Mugicha) Teabags (56 Pieces)


    Rokujo Barley (Mugicha) Teabags are a high-quality Roasted barley tea made from 100% domestic (Japan) barley.   Made with Hakubaku's "Low Temperature Aroma Roasting" method so you can enjoy a Mellow Aroma and...

    Ryokucha Green Tea with Uji Matcha and Gyokuro (Regular Size)

    1 review $6.56

    Ryokucha Green tea with Uji Matcha and Gyokuro is an instant type green tea powder that allows you to conveniently enjoy a Delicious Fresh Cup of green tea anytime. Made...

    Senba Tohka Kogyo Hojicha Instant Tea


    Senba Tohka Kogyo Hojicha Instant Tea is an instant type roasted green tea powder that you can conveniently enjoy a delicious fresh cup of Houjicha anytime.  An Additive-Free and Non-Colored powdered tea using...

    Starbucks Premium Mix Matcha Latte


    Starbucks Premium Mix Matcha Latte is a premium mix series that allows you to easily enjoy Starbucks latte menus at home. Using carefully selected Matcha and full-fat powdered milk, a Milk-Rich taste...

    Tea Boutique Instant Sakura Latte

    12 reviews $7.23

    Tea Boutique Instant Sakura (Cherry) Latte. "The Refreshing Tender Aroma will always carry you on a Brilliantly Blooming Sakura". A Quality product made in Japan. The Mellow flavor of Cherry Blossoms...

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    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Cherry Blossom Tea


    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea "Sakura"  Cherry Blossom Tea (from Tea Boutique's Sweet Sakura Tea Series). "Sakura" is a flower with eternal beauty and nobility in the heart of the Japanese. "Sakura," which...

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    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea (Black tea with Cherry Blossom and Leaf)


    Tea Boutique Sweet Sakura Tea is from Tea Boutique's Sweet Sakura Tea Series. A flavored tea with a luxurious scent of cherry blossoms, which is a blend of Japanese black tea with cherry blossoms...

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    TULLY'S & TEA Matcha Latte Delicious Matcha Latte


    TULLY'S & TEA Matcha Latte Delicious Matcha Latte is one of three new stick products from "TULLY'S & TEA". Tully's Coffee Shop, operated by Tully's Coffee Japan Co., Ltd., a...

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    Ujien Sakura Tea (3 Pack)


    Ujien Sakura Tea is an elegant and delicious tea with a single cherry blossom floating as is.  You can enjoy the sweet and sour taste and the color of cherry...

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