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Japanese Green Tea Shops

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Japanese Green Tea Shops, Founded in 2007

Located in Chiba, Japan


Japanese Green Tea Shops gives you the opportunity to easily make purchases of Japanese Green Teas, Japanese Coffee, Authentic Japanese Teacups, Japanese Chocolate & Snacks and Gifts directly from our Shop located in Chiba, Japan.


Food & Beverage Company


To provide Excellent Service and High Quality Japanese Green Tea, Coffee, Chocolate & Snacks and Gifts to the global community at a very reasonable price.
Japanese Green Tea Shops - Jeff
Jeffrey D. Sarvis
Founder and President
Japanese Green Tea Shops
Hello and Thank You for your interest in my Store.  If you've come this far, then I'll be glad to tell you a little bit about my Shop.
My name is Jeff and I was born in the United States.  I have been working and living happily in this beautiful country of Japan for nearly 35 years with my Japanese wife and family.
I started Japanese Green Tea Shops back in 2007 as a hobby....and my hobby turned into a passion!  
Japanese Green Tea Shops is a "one man operation".  From designing my online store, selecting and adding products, maintaining inventory, answering customer emails, receiving and processing orders, yes, I do everything myself. If you've already placed an order in my shop, then you already know that I treat each and every customer with kindness and respect, and I provide the best possible service..... that I would expect as a customer.
Over the years my store has been great fun, and even a means of forming many friendships with visitors from around the world. I enjoy very much sharing a small part of Japan with everyone.  And it has always been my goal to reflect the values and warm heartedness of the Japanese people for whom my store represents.
I look forward to providing quality products and a pleasant customer experience to all who visit.  Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions about my products, or even just to say Hello!
Thank you again for visiting my store and I hope you have a Super Great Day!
Kind regards,

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