Brewing Drip Coffee Packets

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Brewing Drip Coffee Packets

Here are some useful tips for brewing Ground Coffee Packets . These packets are a very convenient way to brew a cup of coffee, especially when you don't have time to make a whole pot, or when you just want to have a single cup of fresh great tasting coffee.  (Be sure to read the "Helpful Hints" below).

Please note that different makers (KEY Coffee, UCC, Kataoka, etc...) all have different types of these individual "pour over" drip coffee packets, so check the product descriptions and photographs for each brand.

You can see our complete selection of "Drip On" pour over coffee filter packets HERE


How To Use " Drip On" Coffee Filter Packets

Follow these STEPS to make a great tasting cup of fresh brewed coffee:


Brewing Coffee 1

1. Tear open the package of Individual Single cup Packages.

2. Open the Individual package and remove the filter packet of Coffee.

Brewing Coffee 3

3. Tear along the dotted line and remove the top of the packet.

Brewing Coffee 4

4. Place the filter packet over the top of a normal sized Coffee cup and place the holder handles over the edges of your cup. Please note that different makers may have different styles of these coffee filter packets.

Brewing Coffee 5

5. Pour just enough hot water to dampen the Coffee Grounds and wait 20-30 seconds.

Brewing Coffee 6

6. Gently pour hot water in to the filter packet several times (pour in circles) until coffee reaches near the rim.

Brewing Coffee 7

7. Remove the packet and enjoy! 


Helpful Hints

♦ The outer packaging makes a great holder for the Individual packages. (1)

♦ When opening the Individual packages, be careful not to tear the Filter Packet inside. (2)

♦ Gently shake Coffee Grounds to the bottom of the Filter Packet before tearing off the top. (3)

♦ Warm Coffee Cup before placing the Ground Coffee Filter Packet over the cup so that you will have a fresh hot coffee after brewing. The Cardboard can be folded back to make Filter Packet fit firmly on the top of Coffee Cup. (4)

♦ Pour the hot water over the grounds slowly and be careful not to overfill the Filter Packet. (These packets are made for a single serving.  If you are using a Large size cup, try adding a little instant coffee to your cup.  The blending of the "Drip On" and "instant" coffee with have the stronger flavor and still keep the fresh brewed Aroma and Taste). (5)

♦ Fill the Coffee Cup to the rim. It's OK to let the coffee reach the Filter Packet. When finished, remove the filter packet right away to avoid "soaking" the coffee grounds and possibly making the coffee taste more bitter. (6)

♦ Be careful...IT'S HOT!  Remove the drip coffee filter packet. (The level will go down after removing). Allow the remaining water in the Packet to drip into the cup. (7)

You can see our selection of single serving "Drip On" pour over coffee filter packets HERE.

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