Cherry Blossom Festival 2

Japanese Green Tea Shops

Let's continue along the way. This is another favorite of the Japanese. "Grilled Corn On The Cob".

Corn Booth 1

"Grilled Corn On The Cob" is very popular. There were several of the booths here this year. The corn is boiled in salt water and grilled over charcoal. The brown color is not only from the hot grill but also from the "Soy Sauce" that the corn is soaked in before grilling. The Corn Cobs sell for 400 yen each. (This is a little expensive because it comes from Hokkaido, famous for its corn.)

Corn Booth 2

This woman is busy preparing for the crowd of people that will soon gather.

Corn Booth 3

The pan on the woman's left is brown in color from soy sauce. The corn that is ready to sell is wrapped in plastic and covered with a towel to keep it warm.

Here's a familiar site, The "Dart Booth"

Dart Booth 1

The "Dart" booth. As the day went on this booth became very popular. There was a large selection of prizes that easily drew the attention of children and adults as well. The boys often chose BB guns which came with a supply of plastic BB's and were dangerously powerful to be considered as toys.

Dart Booth 2

The vendor sets up a dart board on a chair to give the girl a better chance for a prize.

Dart Booth 3

Soon other children come to try.

Dart Booth 4

The dart booth draws people of all ages.

Another fun game to try is at the "Gold Fish" booth.

Fishing Booth 1

This is the "Gold Fish" booth. Players try to catch as many fish as possible using a "scoop". The "scoop" is a plastic circle with a handle. Rice paper is glued to the circle. As the rice paper becomes wet it is very prone to tears. It takes a steady hand and a skillful technique to catch the fish. In most cases the players are able to catch one or two fish before the rice paper is completely gone, however the more serious "fisherman" can catch several dozen!

Fishing Booth 2

A young girl decides to try her luck.

Fishing Booth 3

She is doing pretty well. Notice her "scoop" is still in one piece even though it's wet and she has already caught a couple of fish.

Fishing Booth 4

This man has caught several fish. Although his "scoop" has become torn, he can continue as long as there is still rice paper within the circle.

It's a warm day for spring. Something cold like "Shaved Ice" sounds good!

Snow Cone Booth 1

"Kakigori" literally "Shaved Ice' is served in a cup.

Snow Cone Booth 2

A woman purchases "Kakigori" at 300 yen per serving.

Snow Cone Booth 3

Her husband decides on grape...

Snow cone Booth 4

....and more Grape.

Snow Cone Booth 5

"Kakigori" comes in Cherry, Blue Hawaii, Green Apple, Calpus (a Japanese softdrink made with milk) and Grape.

Snow Cone Booth 6

Also Peach, Melon, Ramune (blue in color and tastes like cream soda), Cola, Lemon and Strawberry.

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