Cherry Blossom Festival 3

Japanese Green Tea Shops

Let's take a quick glance at a few more booths. This is a booth selling "Masks".

Mask Booth 1

This booth sells masks of children's favorite TV show, comic book and cartoon characters.

A "Haka Pipe" booth.

Haka Pipe Booth 1

These pipe like toys are filled with a minty powdered candy that gives the sensation of "smoking a pipe".

Haka Pipe Booth 2

Many popular children's characters.

Haka Pipe Booth 3

One "pipe" sells for 500 yen.

And a booth selling "Anzu" .

Anzu Booth 1

Anzu (Japanese apricot) are served in an edible cone bowl.

Anzu Booth 2

Several other fruits are also available.

Of course, more sweets are available such as "Cotton Candy".

Cotton Candy Booth 1

A large size bag of "Cotton Candy" sells for 200 yen.

Cotton Candy Booth 2

The Vender starts with a wooden stick.

Cotton Candy Booth 3

The fluffed sugar is spun onto the stick.

Cotton Candy 4

And "Sweet Potato Sticks"

Sweet Potato Booth 1

"Satsuma Stick" or "Sweet Potato Sticks" are loved by the Japanese. "Baked Sweet Potatoes" are also sold in Grocery Store parking lots and during the cold season by small trucks driving through the neighborhoods with loud speakers!

Sweet Potato Booth 2

On the top of the display are "Baked Sweet Potatoes". In the display are Large size cups of sticks (500 yen) and Small size (300 yen).

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