Cherry Blossom Festival 4

Japanese Green Tea Shops

Now let's look at some other popular foods in Japan like.........Takoyaki....

Tokoyaki Booth 1

Tako-Yaki (Literally: Octopus-grilled) is a very popular food in Japan. It is sold in many places including restaurants and even in the frozen food section at the super market. (It is covered with a thick sweet brown sauce and mayonnaise).

Takoyaki Booth 2

The Octopus meat and other ingredients are added to the pancake like batter and rolled as they cook.

Takoyaki Booth 4

The "Takoyaki" become soft and tasty round balls.

Takoyaki Booth 5

Eight of the "Takoyaki" are placed in plastic containers and sell for 500 yen per package.

And my personal favorite, Yakisoba......

Yakisoba Booth 1

"Yakisoba" is certainly one of the most popular foods served at the Festival. There are many restaurants serving Yakisoba of many varieties as well. It is a very popular food among the children but adults love it just as much.

Yakisoba Booth 2

Yakisoba or grilled noodles is made with beef or pork, cabbage, mushrooms and a special sauce yakisoba sauce.

Yakisoba Booth 3

Also, Ikayaki.....

Ikayaki Booth 1

Ika or "Grilled Squid" (Calamari) is delicious and healthy. The squid are placed on a stick and grilled. Soy sauce is often added just before it is ready to serve. Squid can be found in many foods in Japan, even on a Seafood Pizza. Although "Squid on a Stick" may not look so appetizing, it really is fantastic!

Ikayaki Booth 2

You can choose the large squid or just the tentacles.

Ikayaki Booth 3

The squid has been cooked, when ordered it will be grilled again to warm it up and a little soy sauce will be added.

Ikayaki Booth 5

Mmm! Smells Fantastic! Itadekimasu!


Yakitori Booth 1

Yakitori or "Chicken on a Stick" is a favorite of all ages. (You can also buy it ready to eat, ready to cook or frozen in the supermarket). At Shopping Centers it is common to find a vender in a small truck selling Yakitori in the parking area. "Yakitori" literally means "Grilled Chicken" although it refers to any type of grilled meat on a stick. (Liver, Beef, Pork, etc.)

Yakitori Booth 2

Grilled over fire with special "Yakitori Sauce" brushed on just before it is served.

Yakitori Booth 3

Chicken Skin and Chicken Balls (minced chicken meat balls) are also available here.

Okonomiyaki booth........

Okonomiyaki Booth 1

Okonomiyaki is sometimes referred to as "Japanese Pizza" by foreigners not because of its taste, but because of it popularity. There are many types and styles and the ingredients and cooking methods can vary greatly. (meat, seafood, vegetables, cheese, etc.). Okonomiyaki is available in restaurants, supermarkets and convenient stores. In fact, there are several chain restaurants which sell only Okonomiyaki (where you can mix and cook at you own table). It is made by pouring a pancake like batter onto the grill, topping with cabbage, meat (or whatever toppings you choose), flipping it over until its done and then brushing a thick sweet brown sauce on it. Sprinkle with Nori "seaweed), Red Ginger and Mayonnaise and its ready to eat. This was by far the most popular booth at the Festival.

Okonomiyaki Booth 2

The ingredients are placed on the pancake like batter circle.

Okonomiyaki Booth 3

Flipped, cut and (this style) folded over.

Okonomiyaki Booth 4

And something sweet like O-banyaki.

Obanyaki Booth 1

O-banyaki is a pancake sandwich like Japanese sweet. There are several different fillings to choose from including "Ogura-an" (sweet red bean paste), "Shiro-an" (White sweet bean paste), and Cream (sweet pudding like cream).

Obanyaki Booth 2

To the right in the front row is "Cream", middle row is "Shiro-an" and closest to the vender is "Ogura-an".

Obanyaki Booth 3

The batter is poured into the round mold to make the "top" of the "sandwich".

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