Cherry Blossom Festival 5

Japanese Green Tea Shops

A few other booths here at the Cherry Blossom Festival worth mentioning.

Crape Booth 1

Fruit filled Crapes.

Frankfurt Booth 1

Frankfurts (served on a stick).

YoYo Fishing Booth 1

Yo-yo Fishing. (Water balloons a a string).

And finally, an interesting booth seen for the first time at the festival.

Gyoza Dog Booth 1

Gyoza, (a Chinese dumpling) is very popular in Japan. It is often served as a side dish with Ramen (noodle soup) at restaurants and Ramen Shops. This is a different version of Gyoza called Gyoza-Dog. It was made popular at the Disney Sea Resort (next to Disneyland in Urayasu-Shi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan).

Gyoza Dog Booth 2

A Gyoza Dog is soft white bread with the same filling as regular Gyoza. It resembles a Hot Dog.

Some people relaxing and enjoying the cool spring day at the Festival.

Cherry 001

Cherry Festival 002

Cherry Festival 003

Cherry Festival 004

Cherry Festival 005

Cherry Festival 006

Cherry Festival 007

These "Blue Sheets" (Tarpaulin) as they are called here in Japan, are spread out and used to not only keep out the moisture from the ground, but also to "mark a spot" or "reserve" the area (for your group). In larger cities like Yokohama and Tokyo were huge crowds (240,000 per day at Ueno Park in Tokyo) gather to see the Cherry Blossoms, you can find people "camping out" sometimes several days prior to the day of their "Cherry Blossom Viewing Party" in order to claim their spot.

Hope you have enjoyed the Cherry Blossom Festival.....Hope to see you here again next year!

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