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The Japanese Post Office will ONLY accept parcels to a Limited number of Countries.  See a complete list of countries HERE.

Parcels sent to ALL COUNTRIES can experience delays of about 2-4 weeks depending on the current situation in your country.


April 16, 2024:  Unfortunately, we no longer provide service to Germany, Spain and Israel.

December 5, 2023:  Airmail/ePacket parcels to the Israel are taking about 4-6 weeks for delivery. Israel "customs" have been very slow to process international incoming parcels, and the current war situation has caused many delays.

November 29, 2023:  Parcels sent to Canada via "AIRMAIL - Small Packet" are not being scanned by Canadian Post, therefore tracking will not be updated. Final delivery is very dependable and is taking about 2-3 weeks on average. 

September 15, 2023:  Parcels sent to Colombia via "AIRMAIL - Small Packet" are often not being scanned by Colombia Post, therefore tracking will not likely be updated. Final delivery is very dependable and is taking about 2-4 weeks on average.

August 1, 2023:  ECONOMY Airmail/(ePacket) parcels sent to Reunion are taking 3-4 weeks to be processed by Reunion postal authorities. Parcels are being delivered in about 5-6 weeks from order date. (EMS deliveries as expected).

May 15, 2023:  Airmail/ePacket Parcels sent to Saudi Arabia are taking about 2 weeks to be processed by Saudi postal authorities. Parcels are being delivered in about one month from order date. (EMS deliveries as expected).

March 18, 2023:  Airmail/ePacket parcels to the United Arab Emirates are taking about 2 weeks for delivery.

December 9, 2022: Japan Post resumes shipping to Brazil, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Equador, Lao People's Democratic Republic and United Arab Emirates.

November 17, 2022: "Airmail" service resumes for several countries including France and Guam.  Please see our SHIPPING page.

November 10, 2022: Parcels sent to Germany are taking several weeks to pass through customs.  Expect a 3-4 week delay for delivery.

November 2, 2022: Shipping resumes for Canada and several other countries.  

September 9, 2022: Parcels sent to Australia via EMS and Airmail will take 2-3 weeks longer than advised due to a backlog in Australia. Japan Post has suspended "Surface" shipping service to Australia.

July 28, 2022: Japan Post resumes EMS and Airmail service to Australia, China

July 15, 2022: Japan Post resumes EMS and Airmail service to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia.

July 1, 2022: Japan Post resumes Airmail and EMS service to Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Israel and more.  

June 11, 2022:. "EMS" (Express Mail Service) available to France.

June 1, 2022: Japan Post resumes regular "Airmail" service to the United States

May 11, 2022:  Shipping options updated for several countries, please see our SHIPPING page for details.

March 13, 2022: "EMS" Parcels (especially large boxes) going to the United States through ISO (International Sorting Center) Los Angeles are backlogged.  Japan Post informs that ISO LA is experiencing delays of 2-4 weeks for processing incoming parcels.

March 8, 2022: Japan Post has suspended Airmail (ePacket) and EMS service to: Andorra, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Germany, Finland, France, Belgium, Isle of Man, Monaco. 

March 2, 2022: Japan Post has suspended Airmail (ePacket) and EMS service to: Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Cape Verde, North Macedonia, Greenland, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Faroe Islands, Bulgaria 

February 22, 2022: Japan Post has cancelled EMS and Airmail service to Ukraine. (Due to the long delivery time of "surface" parcels to Ukraine we will stop all service until further notice). 

January 26, 2022: Japan Post cancelled service to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia.

November 12, 2021: Unfortunately, Japan Post still has no shipping options to Canada.

October 15, 2021: Japan Post no longer provides airmail service to United Arab Emirates, Italy and Israel.

August 17, 2021: Parcels to the United Arab Emirates are taking about 2 weeks for delivery.

August 2, 2021: EMS and Airmail service resumes to United Arab Emirates and Israel.

May 27, 2021: Japan Post is striving to secure steady air transportation capacity for resuming EMS service to the United States effective Tuesday, June 1 as was previously announced. However, as a large increase in EMS items is expected immediately upon resuming service, delivery may be subject to delays for the time being.

May 19, 2021: Japan Post announces the temporary suspension of surface parcels bound for Canada. (This means currently we have no available shipping methods to Canada). Unfortunately we do not know when shipping will resume.

May 13, 2021:  Japan Post announces resumption of EMS (Express Mail Service to the United States effective June 1, 2021.

May 2, 2021:  Parcels to Cambodia and Kuwait are taking 2- 3 weeks to depart Japan due to lack of available flights.

February 8, 2021:  Parcels to the United States are taking about 2 weeks longer than "usual" due to the coronavirus situation.  Parcels to Indonesia will be delayed up to 2 weeks in departing Japan due to lack of available flights.    

November 27, 2020:  JP Post can no longer provide "Airmail" service to Canada due to coronavirus restrictions and lack of available flights from Japan.  Only "Surface" shipping is now available. (Please see our "Shipping" page for details).

November 26, 2020:  Airmail, EMS and Surface shipping available to Malaysia.

November 20, 2020:  Parcels to Canada are experiencing delays in customs and delivery and tracking updates.  Final delivery is 4-5 weeks.

October 16, 2020: Parcels to Germany and Italy are leaving Japan quickly but are experiencing delays in processing and clearing "customs" in country which may take about 1 -2 weeks.

October 10, 2020:  Customers from the United States are reporting parcels being received in good condition.  Tracking until "Final Delivery".  Delivery is about 8 weeks to the West Coast. Parcels to the East Coast  take about 1 extra week.

September 23, 2020: Some "surface" parcels are being received by customers in Saudi Arabia. Parcel tracking was until "Final Delivery". Delivery in 7-8 weeks.

September 12, 2020:  "Surface" parcels are being received by customers in Australia.  Parcel "Tracking" was available until "Final Delivery".  Delivery was in just under 7 weeks.  Airmail Parcels to Malaysia are being delivered in about 3-4 weeks.  Airmail parcels to Germany are taking a couple weeks to clear customs, final delivery is about 4 weeks.

August 23, 2020:  Airmail and EMS Shipping available to Switzerland.

August 10, 2020:  Parcels to Hong Kong are departing Japan within a few days, however there are delays is processing and delivering parcels in country.  Final delivery takes about 2 weeks.

July 26, 2020: We will temporarily offer (for testing this method) "Surface - International Parcel Post" shipping option to Australia.

July 21, 2020: We will temporarily offer (for testing this method) "Surface - International Parcel Post" shipping option to the United Arab Emirates, United States and Saudi Arabia.  

July 3, 2020:  JP Post notifies that for mail items to the United Kingdom, Mexico and some Southeast Asian Countries/territories including Malaysia, loading items onto airplanes destined for these countries/territories is expected to take about three weeks.

July 17, 2020:  Effective July 17, 2020 we will resume Shipping service to Cook Islands, China, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Indonesia, Serbia.

June 30, 2020: Effective July 1, 2020 we will resume Shipping service to China, Italy and New Zealand.

June 24, 2020:  Canada - EMS parcels are being delivered in about 7-10 days however, due to limited flights there is a 1-2 week delay for "Airmail" (ePacket) parcels bound for Canada be loaded on to available flights. The Canadian Customs and postal authorities not not seem to be updating tracking information once ePacket parcels arrive in Canada, however delivery is dependable.  Customers can expect 3-6 weeks for final delivery.

June 23, 2020:  Shipping service has resumed to the following countries:  Estonia, Austria, Croatia, Sweden, Spain, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg

June 18, 2020:  Only 2 parcels (from April) destined to the United States remain at the airport awaiting flights.  We expect these to be loaded very soon.  We still can not accept new orders to the United States.

June 11, 2020:  We will accept orders from Vietnam and Malaysia  however, there may be a 3-5 week delay for final delivery.

June 10, 2020:  More parcels (from April) destined for the United States have left Japan.

June 2, 2020:  As restrictions in both the United States and Japan are beginning to be lifted, parcels ordered in April to the United States have slowly begun to move.

May 23, 2020:  United States - All parcels bound for the United States will be held by JP Post indefinitely until shipping can resume.

May 18, 2020:  Parcels to Hong Kong moving very quickly especially "EMS".  Parcels to Singapore are taking about one or two weeks to be dispatched from Japan. Parcels to the Philippines and France take about 1 month for delivery. Parcels to the Netherlands and Germany are moving with about 1 week delays.

May 1, 2020:  Canada - Due to limited flights, there is a 2-4 week delay for parcels bound for Canada be loaded on to available flights, delays in Canada with delivery as well.  Customers can expect 4-6 weeks for final delivery.

April 27, 2020:  The United States is not accepting any international parcels.

April 26, 2020:  Parcels bound for France / Germany / Hong Kong  / Philippines / Thailand / United Kingdom/ Vietnam are moving but may experience some delays. We advise selecting "Airmail" (if under 2,000 grams) rather that "EMS", as delivery for both shipping options is delayed.

April 22, 2020:  There is about a 2 and a half week delay to load parcels on to available flights to almost every country where service is available. Tracking status of "Posting/Collection INZAI CHIBA" means we have delivered your parcel to the post office.  The status will not be updated until your parcel actually is loaded on to a flight leaving Japan, or returned to us.  

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