Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte (Recipes)

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Here are some delicious recipes you can make with Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte Instant Powder. 


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Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte (150 grams)


Recipes to make with Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte Instant Powder



Marshmallow Black Sesame Latte,  Ingredients (for 1 person): Milk ...150ml, Kuki Black Sesame Latte ... 15 grams, Marshmallow ... How to make: 1.  Warm the milk and mix with black sesame latte.  2.  Put marshmallow on top.  3.  Sprinkle on some Black Sesame Latte (outside the amount) from above.


Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte Pudding

Black Sesame Pudding, Ingredients: Kuki Black Sesame Latte...35 grams, Sugar...18 grams, Milk...300 ml, Gelatin...5 grams. How to make: 1  Mix Black Sesame Latte and Sugar.  2  Add Milk and 1 to the pan, mix well, and turn off the fire just before boiling.  3. Add Gelatin to 2 and mix and pass.  4.  When it gets thick enough, pour it into a mold and cool it in the refrigerator.  Serve with fresh cream as you like.


Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte Pancakes Doraiyaki Sweets

Black Sesame Dorayaki,  Ingredients (for 6 to 7 Black Sesame Dorayaki):  Hot cake Mix ... 150 grams,  Kuki Black Sesame Latte...30 grams, Milk... 140 ml, Egg...1, Ann Paste... 200 grams, Fresh Cream...100 ml, sugar (for fresh cream)...7 grams. How to make: 1.  Put the hot cake mix and Black Sesame Latte in a bowl and mix.  2. Add milk and egg to 1 and mix.  3. Put oil in a frying pan, pour the dough round to about 8 cm in diameter, and bake both sides over low heat. 4. When cooked and removed from pan, two pieces are paired together.


Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte Pound Cake

Black Sesame Pound Cake, Ingredients (for 1 cake): 1 pan (18cm type), Flour...100 grams, Granulated sugar...70 grams, Baking powder...3 grams, Eggs...2, Granulated Sugar...70 grams, Kuki Black Sesame Latte...40 grams, Kuki Taiko white genuine sesame oil (or any other sesame oil).  For topping: White chocolate...100 grams,  Cranberries... 10 grams, Nuts...20 grams.  How to make:  1. Heat the oven to 180 degrees and shake it with a mixture of flour, baking powder and black sesame latte.  2.  Mix white sesame oil and granulated sugar well.  3.  Mix the eggs, add them to 2 several times and mix well each time. 4. Put 1 into 3 and mix thoroughly and pour into the mold.  5.  Bake for 35-40 minutes in a preheated oven.  6.  Melt the white chocolate and pour over cake. Sprinkle the cranberries and nuts on top.



Black Sesame Crepes with Nuts, Azuki Beans and white Mochi Balls (Or your favorite toppings), Ingredients (for about 5 crepes): Soft Flour...40 grams, Sesame oil...10 grams, Kuki Black Sesame Latte...15 grams, Milk...150 grams, Egg...1, Vanilla ice cream, fruit (optional) 1. Combine the flour, black sesame latte and mix well with a frothing device.  2. Add milk and eggs in several portions and mix until smooth.  3.  Add the oil and mix further.  4.  Spread a thin layer of oil (outside the amount) on a heated frying pan, pour the dough, spread it quickly, and when the surrounding area dries and floats, turn it over.  Serve with ice cream or fruit toppings as you like.


Kuki Sangyo "Kuro Goma" (Black Sesame) Latte Frappe

Black Sesame Frappe, Ingredients (for one person): Milk...190 ml, Kuki Black Sesame Latte...12 grams, Sugar...10 grams, Fresh whipped cream (optional)...45 ml.   How to make: 1. Freeze 190 ml of milk in advance.  2.  Mix Black Sesame Latte and Sugar.  3  Put all the ingredients into the mixer to desired thickness.  Serve with fresh cream as you like.  (It is also recommended to change Milk to Soy Milk).  A cold dessert drink perfect for summer ♪

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